Picking the right online jewelry store

ross simons online storeMost major jewelry outlets now have an Internet presence and sell jewelry online as well. This can be a great situation for consumers, since it gives them more choices for purchasing jewelry. But how should you go about selecting an online jewelry store to shop at? This short guide will take many things into consideration, such as price and selection, and make a few recommendations.

1. Etsy
If a unique, handmade item is what’ you’re after, then you need look no further than Etsy. This site actually sells tons of handmade items, but jewelry is definitely one of the things they are well-known for. Prices can range from relatively cheap to very expensive, but given how popular this site is, chances are good that you will be able to find something nice, regardless of your budget.

The best way to shop on Etsy for jewerly is to go straight to the jewelry category, which you can browse at your leisure. Alternatively, you can type something into the search engine if you are looking for something specific.

2. Ross Simons
This is an excellent store if you’re looking for more standard jewelry pieces like diamond rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other popular jewelry items. The selection online is huge, and offers many items that can’t be found at the offline stores.

What I like about Ross Simons is that online, they are quite price competitive. Moreover, there is Ross Simons promotional code that you can use to get 25 – 30% off your jewelry order. From what I’ve seen, these coupons seem to be available almost all the time, and can be applied to just about everything sold at the store, including clearance items.

3. Blue Nile
This may very well be your best choice if you’re trying to design a custom engagement ring. Ross Simons also allows you to create custom rings, but in my opinion, Blue Nile has a better interface.