Want neat products? Try Brookstone?

Every time I take a flight, I thumb through a magazine called Skymall just because it seems to list so many neat little products. I’ll be the first to admit, many of these products are not things I would normally buy, but every once in a while I find a products I simply cannot resist.

brookstone onlineI always wondered why Skymall was the only outlet I knew of that sold cool gadgets. As it turns out, there is another, much larger store that specializes in unique household items. That store is Brookstone, and I just discovered them the other day.

Like Skymall, when you shop at this store, you will find lots of products that will make life easier for you. Examples include automatic wine bottle openers, “anti-gravity” chairs, and many other great products. I strongly encourage you to give this online store a try. I prefer to buy my products on the internet because of the online discounts I get. Brookstone discounts, for example, are routinely available from coupon sites.