Are the and Eharmony free trials really helpful?

match-com-profiles The concept of free trials is great. Try out a product or service, and only purchase it if you’re happy with what you experience. One of the most common type of free trial online are for dating sites., for instance, offers a 3-day free membership coupon that gives you full access to the site.

But how exactly how helpful is this trial? As a guy, I got myself the free trial and went ahead and established a profile, uploaded some photos. That was all I did the first day, and given the number of participants on, I anticipated getting a few messages. However, nobody emailed me. On day two, I began sending out lots of messages to people who looked interesting, but very few responded. I would say that on average, I only got 1 response for every 20 emails I sent out.

When I compared notes with a female friend who also got the free trial, the contrast was staggering. She began receiving dozens of emails the very first day she signed up. By the time the trial period was over, she had hundreds of messages, and was feeling a bit overwhelmed. So the answer to how well the free trial works seems to depend on gender. If you are a female, you will see lots of interaction and should get a good feel for how well the site works for you. For a guy, it takes considerably more work, and you must be the initiator. Therefore, I think it will take a lot more perseverance and effort to get results on A 3-day trial, therefore, just doesn’t cut it.