A guide to getting cheap supplements

online supplement store

If you buy vitamins, minerals, and other supplements, you’ve probably noticed that they can be rather expensive. Sure, if you buy cheap vitamins at store like Walgreens, you won’t pay that much. But as many people know, the best quality vitamins, such as the ones you get at Hi-Health, Whole Foods, GNC, or other high-end health stores, go for a premium. For a long time, I was resigned to the fact that this was a fact of life, and that if I wanted high-quality supplements, I’d just have to pay a high price for such products.

Recently, I found out that this is not necessarily true. Take the supplement Rhodiola, for example. At a recent trip to a local Hi-Health, the price was $17.99 per bottle. However, if you browse online, you can find sites like Pureformulas that sell the same product for under $10, which is almost half-price. In addition, if you take advantage of a Pureformulas coupon, you can often get an even lower price.

The key, therefore, is to compare prices online and buy from online vendors. This will of course require a bit of planning, since you will need to place your orders before you run out of your current supply. One technique that works well for me is to buy multiple bottles of each supplement I take. Buy buying in bulk, I often get free shipping for my orders.

Then, when I’m down to a single bottle for any given supplement, I place my next order. It’s a good idea to bookmark sites like Pureformulas, along with other discount supplement stores, so you don’t have to go through the process of comparing prices and finding low-cost vendors all over again. Another option is to set up an autoship program with a vendor. This way, you will always receive your next order before your current supply of vitamins run out.